The organization RJSD “Rwanda Journalist for sustainable development” is requesting the local leaders including the districts mayors, Executive Secretaries of sectors and cells leaders to play their role in helping the citizens in a proper interpretation of the information got from the real journalism media houses and social media platforms.

This proper interpretation of the information they receive will help them to make good decisions in their mutual development. This will boost sustainable development for themselves as well and the country’s vision-Rwanda.

The organization RJSD confirms that in case the citizens manage to interpret properly information they receive and read. It gives them the option of choosing the necessary information. This will help to solve the issue of disinformation which misleads the society and yet it keeps trending on the publisher’s interests regardless of the citizens’ benefit.

“Nowadays, everyone has become a journalist mostly those who use social media platforms. There are those who publish false information including disinformation or misinformation due to their own interests, even there are some who practice it due to ignorance”.

– Placide NGIRINSHUTI the legal representative of RJSD
Placide NGIRINSHUTI the legal representative of RJSD

The spokesperson of RJSD, Celestine NTAWIREMA also explains that nowadays citizens should have access to receive information more so to get true information that is productive.

“The biggest challenge that the world is facing, is that most citizens are receiving different information including false ones which may mislead them. There are some impacts for the country and for individuals. We have to work together to corporate with the government institutions, civil societies and private sector to fight fake news, disinformation and misinformation in the aspect of defending the rights of the citizens”. .

– Celestine NTAWIREMA

RJSD urges that this challenge should be solved through discussions and sensitization of citizens so that they can interpret the information they receive. But they need to know how it works. So, at this level, this organization is organizing the event about the selected topic, which will take place on 27th July 2021.

It is a Free Virtual Public Mentoring and Public Discussion that will bring together the local leaders including the districts mayors, Executive Secretaries of sectors and cells leaders all over the country and the citizens at large based on reminding the leaders of their responsibilities of helping citizens to consume and choose the correct information that will enable them to prosper.

The RJSD organization has maintained it is different operations of supporting the country to reach its long-term development through journalism specifically in access to information for development. This will help the government of Rwanda reaches the global goals SDGs in the year 2030 since the citizens consume the accurate information which will stimulate their development and for the country as well.

More about RJSD

It is in 2019 that journalists from the Rwandan and foreign media together established the RJSD to help Rwandans, in general, to achieve sustainable development, with a sustainable approach and the right to information, especially for information for development.

Other activities planned by the RJSD include working with universities and higher institutions that teach journalism, media & communications. It is to help the students in these schools to increase the knowledge they need today and to help them get into professional journalism.

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